Disaster Insurance Claims

Types of Property Damage

Fire Damage

This destructive force can leave your property unrecognizable when a fire ravages your home or business. The fire may even compromise the integrity of other parts of your home untouched by the fire. As your experienced property damage attorney, I will work hard to get you the settlement you deserve so you can focus on rebuilding what you've lost.

Storm Damage

After a natural disaster, recovering and rebuilding are overwhelming enough, and dealing with insurance claims can be an added burden. As your attorney, I will work with you to ensure you get the settlement you deserve after your home sustains storm damage from a hurricane. Tornados can also be devastating, tearing up entire cities and robbing many people of their livelihoods. If your home or business has suffered damage from a destructive tornado and your insurance claim is denied, all hope is not lost. I'm here to serve as your dedicated tornado insurance claim attorney and to help you fight for the money you need.

Business Interruption

Business interruption can be crippling to your bottom line. Your company's services and sales are critical to your livelihood and to your employees. As your business interruption claim attorney, I will work closely with you throughout the claim process. I will use my knowledge and expertise to accurately present your loss of income claim and get your business the total compensation you deserve. Not only are you entitled to coverage for any necessary repairs in the event of damage to your business, but you also need to be paid for the revenue you lost. Please don't wait. Call my office today to schedule your free consultation and insurance policy review.

If a weather event has damaged your home or business, take these three steps immediately to ensure your insurance claim is handled the right way:

Take pictures and videos of your property showing all the damage from top to bottom.

Your policy has exclusions and penalties, and it is necessary to know what is covered in
your policy to obtain the full extent of your claim. I offer a free insurance policy review
prior to filing your claim so that we can ensure you will be covered in full for your loss.

You may be emotional when you realize the extent of your property damage. An attorney
will help you take the proper steps to file your claim properly with all the supporting
documentation your insurance company requires. Our office provides free consultations.
That means you are under no obligation to pay any legal fees upfront. You will only be
responsible for legal fees once your case is complete and your claim is paid.